Dubai paint companies

dubai paint companies


MMS TEC Charges for Appartment

MMS TEC Charges for Villa Painting

Studio Apartment
AED 390 Furnished AED 530
1 Bedroom
AED 570 Furnished AED 750
AED 1,280 Furnished AED 1,350
2 Bedroom
AED 790 Furnished AED 990
AED 1,450 Furnished AED 1,540
3 Bedroom
AED 980 Furnished AED 1,170
AED 1,630 Furnished AED 1,720
4 Bedroom
AED 1,100 Furnished AED 1,420
AED 1,870 Furnished AED 1,990
5 Bedroom
AED 1,220 Furnished AED 1,530
AED 2,150 Furnished AED 2,330

MMS TEC: dubai paint companies

MMS TEC Technical Services (Budget Painting) offers expert and professional Exterior and Interior Home Wall Painting Services for your apartment, Villa, house, office or shops, dubai paint companies.

We have a team of professional and well-experienced home painters that specializes in walls painting, ceilings and cabinets and more of apartments, villas and offices. We only use premium paints to make sure quality of the painting services we offer in Dubai.

Our professional painting consultants in Dubai update this page regularly with the latest wall painting trends and statistics to provide our customers best wall painting services possible in Dubai.

Our dubai paint companies Include:

  1. Interior Home Wall Painting Services
  2. Ceiling Interior Painting Services
  3. Interior Apartment Painting Services
  4. Interior Home Villa Painting Services
  5. Town house Interior Home Painting Services
  6. Shop Painting Services
  7. Interior Home painting Services for Studio
  8. One (1) Bedroom Interior Home Painting Services
  9. Two (2) Bedroom Interior Home Painting Services
  10. Three (3) Bedroom Interior Home Painting Services
  11. Four (4) Bedroom Interior Home Painting Services
  12. Five (5) Bedroom Interior Home Painting Services
  13. dubai paint companies

What is your standard painting process?


1. Semi-finished products are loaded on a chain overhead belt conveyor at a 1,5 m/min speed.
2. Washing procedure in a 5 m phosphatising tunnel at 90° C with iron phosphates water.
3. 4 m water rinsing tunnel.
4. 3 m pipe-water rinsing tunnel.
5. 3 m final rising tunnel with demineralized water.
6. 10 m dripping tunnel.
7. 15 m bell-shaped oven at 110° C.
8. 20 m chain overhead conveyor for semi-finished cooling process.
9. Automatic painting cabins with electrostatic spray guns for thermosetting powders.
10. Manual retouching cabins for internal parts finishing and for blind sections.

We Provide painting services in dubai:

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